Thursday, April 10, 2003

Even Governments Lie

The lack of weapons of mass destruction is surprising most of us. After all we all know that there's something there (and I personally don't want smug lefties saying "I told you so" about Saddam not having the blessed things). But as yet we've found little that's more deadly than weedkiller.

When we find something, however, it will still not prove anything. The fact is that the pretext of chemical weapons has already been proven false.

The Iraqis would not use chemical weapons against the West even when faced with their own extinction. If a regime doesn't use its weapons when facing its own extinction, when will it? The weapons are by definition unusable.

The main premise of the war has been proven to be false, even if resevoirs of Sarin are found in Saddam's swimming pool. If the Iraqis wouldn't use the weapons then they might as well not exist.

And our intelligence services would have told our leaders the same thing.


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