Saturday, April 12, 2003

Does the British Government support looting?

This rather equivocal statement comes from Geoff Hoon the Defence Secretary:

The hon. Gentleman referred to looting, and I know that right hon. and hon. Members will be concerned about that issue; indeed, I have sought to identify the extent of it. Fortunately, it appears so far to be confined to Iraqi citizens—shall I use the word—"liberating" those items that are in the charge of the regime by entering its former facilities and the secret organisations, and redistributing that wealth among the Iraqi people. I regard such behaviour as good practice, perhaps, but that is not to say that we should not guard against more widespread civil disturbances.

And he didn't actually get slapped down by the Prime Minister's Spokesman either. As Simon Carr said, this is the first time that a minister has actually been in favour of looting.


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