Sunday, April 20, 2003

Biased Biased BBC?

The Biased BBC blog has been given a new lease of life with the Mesopotamian adventure. Their struggle to find pro-government and pro-Labour Party bias has not uncovered this gem:

"Well, I think this does one thing - it draws a line under what, before the war, had been a period of... well, a faint air of pointlessness, almost, was hanging over Downing Street. There were all these slightly tawdry arguments and scandals. That is now history. Mr Blair is well aware that all his critics out there in the party and beyond aren't going to thank him - because they're only human - for being right when they've been wrong."

If you want a 22 carat example of pro-governing party bias from the government controlled broadcaster, there it is.

It is odd, therefore that the (pro-war, did I mention that) Biased BBC site did not condescend to mention this.

The full (ultra-left) article is here. The only really worthwhile bit is the transcription of the Marr editorial analysis.


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