Friday, April 11, 2003

... or you're with the terrorists

So Britain is now a big ally of America, and America will do us favours (that don't involve juicy contracts). That's nice. Here's an experiment. Imagine a terror group in this country was asked to say that it's war with the British state was over and refused. That would mean that America's "special" ally would be at war with the group, would America also get involved in the hostilities?

Would America cut the funding off that this terrorist group was raising in the States? Would it state that it has no interest in the territory and Britain is off the leash? Or would America pay more attention to a middle ranking ethnic lobby rather than its most loyal of allies?

You the audience decide. To help you I have a photograph of a meeting with Mr Bush and a certain paramilitary leader who refuses to declare peace with America's favourite ally:
The Anglosphere in action


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