Friday, January 28, 2005

Who Cares if it's a farce?

The Iraqi vote is going to be a farce. The government simply does not have enough territory under control for enough Sunnis to come to the polls. And so what?

Basically the elections are a cover. Every other reason for invading Iraq - the WMDs, the terrorist connections, the lot - none have panned out. However bringing democracy in Iraq can be a short term rationale (how long Iraq stays democratic is anyone's guess). Then we can leave.

Of course we will need a strong government to hand over to, and the elections can provide that - especially if the Sunnis are kept out of the picture. It's not going to be a nice government, but those types tend to lose civil wars. But a triumphalist Shi-ite majority government, no matter what their ideological flag of convenience, will be strong enough to take over. Of course they will bash ten bells out of the Sunnis, but that doesn't really matter to us.

The fact that the election is a farce should not be an impediment to leaving. And the peace movement pointing out it's farcical nature is contrary to their stated goal of getting the troops out.

Let's all just pretend that this is a real election and then let's leave - and not pretend.


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