Monday, January 31, 2005
All the World's a Stage and Europe is a Player

The latest Eurobarometer poll has shown that most citizens of Europe have not not heard of the Constitution - a fainthearted demos that the pols prefer to remain. Ignorance is less of an obstacle to their plans. So they are doing quite well with one-third ignorant of the Constitution and 56% admitting to 'very little knowledge' of this document.

Still, UK exceptionalism remains cheerfully apparent, even if the referendum is more difficult to win than many realise.

A recent European Policy Institutes Network (EPIN) Survey of National Experts, entitled “What Prospects for the European Constitutional Treaty” predicts that 22 out of the 25 EU members are likely to ratify the EU Constitution. This survey labels Czech Republic and Poland as ‘unsure’ and the UK as ‘rather unlikely’.

The most interesting findings are those that describe the attitude of the continentals towards the process. Consider the sources that they would trust: the stench of statism is apparent:

The most trusted sources of information on the Constitution are national governments (22%), journalists (16%), the European Parliament (15%) and the Commission (11%).

The two main issues used “overwhelmingly” as arguments in favour of ratification of the Treaty are the provisions on the Common Foreign and Security Policy and the enhanced role of the EU on the global stage.

The potential of the superpower is a vote winner. Anti-Americanism is the siren call and the binding glue that persuades the voters Europe deserves its place in the sun.


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