Thursday, January 06, 2005
Spicer's Millions (06.01.2005)

Tim Spicer of Sandline fame was afforded byline status in the Independent for making profits out of war. It is a dreadful job, but someone's got to do it, and our hearts should swell that British firms are competing with the Halliburtons of this world in providing security.

A private security firm headed by a former British Army colonel, Tim Spicer, has been named as one of the "top 10 war profiteers" of 2004.

The London-based Aegis Defence Services was awarded a $293m (£155m) contract by the Pentagon in June last year to co-ordinate security operations among thousands of private companies, making it the biggest private security operation in Iraq.

Only US companies such as Halliburton and Bechtel, which are involved in providing support services and reconstruction, and the defence manufacturer Lockheed Martin have received larger contracts.

This demonstrates that the United Kingdom retains important links with the US securocrats and proves a testament to Spicer's own role as a freelance entrepreneur, licenced to provide merc services for our little adventures. Not a true free market, but a private sector born of the military-industrial complex that wishes to keep its trained personnnel occupied after they retire from formal service.

He is disliked by the US Left who publicise the 'scandals' that he has involved himself and his record in Northern Ireland, where he has the temerity to defend the record of soldiers who served under him. The Nation scorns him, whilst puzzled that the British government raises no objections:

It is significant that the British Ministry of Defense was apprised of our intention...and did not object or advise against the action. Moreover, neither Aegis nor Mr. Spicer are on the...list of parties excluded from Federal contracting," wrote Sandra Sieber, director of the Army Contracting Agency. "We therefore had no legal basis to deny the award to Aegis, which won the competition fairly based on the rules and criteria established by our solicitation."

He gets worse reviews at the IrishNationalCaucus. They play the equivalence card to provide implicit support for the IRA.

The Bush Administration has given the largest ever Iraqi -contract -- $293 Million -- to a former British Army terrorist who operated in Northern Ireland -- Lt. Col. Timothy Spicer.

Better to keep people like Spicer onside working above board. It is like paying for Russian nukes, a mischief prevention service. Still, is he a lightning conductor, drawing attention away from murkier activities? Have your favourite merc hate figure, whilst the securocrats use more secure and well-hidden outfits. Or did he just grow up with a poster of "Mad Mike" Hoare on his bedroom wall?


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