Sunday, January 16, 2005
An Injustice Remedied (Possibly?)

Whilst this government is embroiled in the truce between the UN endorsed Blair government and the Brownite insurgents, Hoon has managed to review one of the long-standing complaints of injustice thrown at the MOD.

British Defense Secretary Geoff Hoon on Tuesday asked the Ministry of Defense to review the terms and conditions of service for the Gurkha Soldiers serving in the British Army, the Kathmandu based British Embassy said.

Hoon, according to the statement, told British MPs that the study would look at whether differences in their terms and conditions were 'reasonable and justifiable.'

“As the House will be aware, our policy is to keep the Brigade of Gurkhas’ terms and conditions of service under review, to ensure that they are fair and that any differences from the wider Army are reasonable and justifiable,” the British Defense Secretary told the House in a written ministerial statement, according to the embassy.

According to Hoon, the terms of services for the Gurkhas under review may include, their career profiles, length of services, comparisons with the wider British Army in terms of services, promotional structures, pay and pensions, allowances, personal support for the individual, education for children, medical provisions and leave arrangements.

About time!


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