Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Give us back our borders

Either the Tories have been very lucky or very cunning. The European Union's rather stupid line that the UK can no longer control it's immigration policy (and how are they going to stop it?) has given us the usual howls of outrage. Some particularly sharp analysis has come from Dan Hannan.

I avoid immigration and I'm probably more liberal on it than most of A1's readers (although far, far less liberal than most of the political class - I don't need a nanny) but the national interest angle is clear.

Now the Tories can bang on about immigration and say it's all about Europe - all they need to do now is somehow tie up beer and angling and the working class vote is theirs. It's going to be entertaining to see just how the Tories are going to mess this one up - although I'm sure they will.


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