Sunday, January 16, 2005
Baltic Protection Society

They may not belong to NATO but a recent news article indicates how our strategic borders now run between the Baltic States, Belarus and Russia. European members of NATO rotate their airforces to patrol the airspace for the Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The first two Norwegian F-16 fighter jets are expected to land at Zokniai air base outside Siauliai on Monday, and two more on Wednesday,the press service of the Lithuanian Defense Ministry told Interfax.

On Wednesday, the Norwegian pilots will start patrolling the three Baltic countries' air space, allowing four Tornado F-3 fighter jets of the British Royal Air Force, on duty since the middle of October, to fly back to Britain, the news agency said. More than 50 Norwegian military and civilian personnel will arrive at Zokniai to service the new planes, it said.

Notice how Europe provides another commitment for our overstretched forces. No doubt the French, with their semi-detached relationship to NATO, do not have to take part. They would probably trade the Baltic states to Moscow.


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