Sunday, September 07, 2003
Euroluvvies - 7th September 2003, 20.38

We are all used to gems of the acting profession: statements from individuals who suffer from the flaw that celebrity equals authority, providing much mirth for people from Planet Earth. It is becoming clear that those members of the political discourse who argue in favour of the European Union also suffer from verbosity and affectation, divorced from all rational thought.

When reason does enter their hindbrains, one can see that the initial premise of 'Britain in Europe' whose website drapes itself in the Union Jack, its campaign goes down the toilet, and all of its staff depart. Any resemblance to rats is purely coincidental.

Still, never let it be said that Euroluvvies and their supporters in the press will ever balanced reports. Look at what the Guardian made of the recent visit by Dr Sean Gabb and his colleagues to Sweden. At first I thought that Dr Gabb had changed his name and who knows what else besides to Janet Bush but I fear that the Guardian didn't want to draw attention to strong well-written anti-European arguments. Then, I expected to see a contribution from a Swedish eurosceptic explaining why they had invited likeminded supporters from the UK. That was after I had read the responses of Erik Zsiga,

'The picture of British Tory lords telling us what to do doesn't go down well,' said Erik Zsiga, a press officer for the 'yes' campaign. 'Swedes find it a bit odd and wonder what their real agenda is and what kind of other opinions they have. Many people feel they are using the Swedish referendum to give voice to reactionary, semi-nationalistic opinions.'

and Carl Bildt.

However, Carl Bildt, Sweden's former conservative Prime Minister and a fervent 'yes' campaigner, wants British eurosceptics to keep meddling. 'It has been particularly helpful for us,' he told The Observer . 'We've had these loonies coming over here and talking about Hitler, and that has led lots of Swedes to quit the "no" side. Send more of your loonies over.'

Ah yes, engaging with the opposition through ad hominem attacks. Of course, the Guardian couldn't leave it to the Swedish:

Two of the British campaigners, Bush and Connolly, have also been accused of being extremists, and of comparing the euro project to something that Hitler would have loved. Both strongly deny that they made any such claim and say that they have fallen victim to a politically motivated smear campaign.

The Grauniad must feel that smearing loonies is a mug's game. New Labour has stuck to acting rather than politics for almost ten years now and the debasement of our political culture demonstrates that the more thoughtful luvvies might prove a better choice than those who smear, lie and deceive.

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