Thursday, June 19, 2003
Zimwatch: Blair and Bush will be tried as war criminals - 19th June 2003, 23.01

I am not particularly fond of the Salvation Army but it appears that the comrades in Harare are moving for their impeachment, and as any fule kno, revolutionaries are never wrong...

After several weeks of uncertainty, this will definitely come as good news to all of you. The news is that by December THIS YEAR, Tony Blair and George W Bush will be history.

Many of you may think I am crazy but this is a fact. Wait and see. Come December, they will be ordinary people on the streets of New York and London, if they are not locked away at The Hague with other war criminals.

The revolutionaries are on the case.

Brother Coltrane Chimurenga and sister Viola Plummer of the famous December 12 Movement and their revolutionary residents of Harlem, our dear Reverend Walter Fauntroy who visited me last week and his National Black Leadership Roundtable, our crafty Ari Ben-Menashe and his Dickens and Madison in Canada, and our Dr David Nyekorach-Matsanga of Africa Strategy in London, the list is endless; all these plus several others that I will not mention, are working flat out to ensure that impeachment proceedings against the two criminal leaders start shortly.

Americans and their British counterparts, though they are morons by our own standards, are a straitlaced people when it comes to dealing with wayward leaders.

Thank God, as we don't have the brains to do it ourselves. And imagine this..

The two have also been spreading malicious falsehoods about our land reform exercise.

Dissent is, of course, counter-revolution. It would be gratifying to say that the Zimbabwean government had lost the plot but, in this dark world, it is the farmers, both black and white, who have to deal with the reality of that phrase.


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