Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Welcoming Party

The Tory MEP Dan Hannan writes "Say no to the European Army, say no to Nato". It shows a surprising shift from someone who I always remembered as an ardent Atlanticist:

Ah yes, the EU. Now we come to the real reason why so many people are determined to cling to the Atlantic Alliance. For all its faults, Nato is seen as the only viable alternative to a European Army. This view, unquestioned in the British press, would be met with utter bewilderment in SHAPE, Nato's Belgian headquarters.

Bravo as they say in Peru.

Will there be a shift in other Tory Eurosceptics in the next few years? Dan Hannan is remarkably close to a few people who one would have never thought of as anything other than Atlanticists.


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