Thursday, June 05, 2003
New York: The Intrepid - 6th June 2003 (I Think)

Just a short post after looking around the Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum. My friend and I had the good fortune to wonder in and witness a press conference for their new fund, Fallen Heroes, chaired by the Museum Chairman, Zachary Fisher. They had to remove chairs from the audience and grab passing museum goers to fill out the seats (a rather sad commentary on the whole affair).

It was quite touching to see the British contribution noted in their commemoration and the family of every fallen soldiier wiull receive $10,000 (from memory). However, whereas the tributes repeated the values of liberty, freedom, democracy and so on, including the widow of one of the fallen, I thought that, in Britain, the comment on those who died would have been "they were just doing their job".

And a commemorative garden for the British slain by terrorism will be opened in Hanover Square in New York according to the Deputy Consul.


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