Sunday, February 18, 2001
Two days ago the Baghdad Blitz was all over the papers, first item in the news etc.

Now I've just finished listening to the BBC news (both state owned and pro-Labour even when the Tories were in) and its now in third place behind our Dear Leader's convention speech and some obscure funding issue (corrupting the judiciary and stuff - important I realise, but reported in a way that no one understands it). Sort of defines a slow news week.

Suddenly our jets turn up the heat in a volatile region in a blantant act of war, are condemned by everyone bar Israel and Canada, surely this is significant. Now we Brits always scoff at how parochial US News is, but how parochial is this?

Oh quote for the day from a certain T Blair:

"I am determined to prevent his tyrannical regime from once again attacking Iraq's neighbours"

That's good. It's a good thing we're not picking on real big tyrannical regimes that attack their neighbours, like Turkey.


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