Monday, February 05, 2001
I've had no response on my column yet. Has no one read it?

In the Papers.

The Times has an excellent article by Simon Jenkins on the new fault line between interventionism and scepticism, it reads like a reply to Michael Gove's piece (also addressed by The Raimondo and myself). While I'm about it here's Justin's reply to my article:

Your column Gove was great, and I've been meaning to write you about it. I certainly wouldn't bother criticizing Tony Blair much: with us, we need to go after the ones who are (relatively) close to our position.

Does Simon Jenkins have an internet archive of his columns? The old columns seem hard to get.

The Times also has a piece on Robin Cook's visit to Colin Powell by Peter Riddel, they're for it and they think that the European army will get in the way. The Independent (ho, ho) thinks we should choose Europe, Donald McIntyre says that we should get a cosy division of responsibilities. I say a plague on both your houses.

Information on Right Now!

The magazine Right Now! is puzzling me. I have just joined a paleo-conservative mailing list where it is the subject of some debate. I was under the impression that its editor, Derek Turner, had a Nazi youth, the main source was an article in Searchlight which has proven to be wrong in some details - calling into question the whole research - and a piece by Marx's David Irving, Francis Wheen, which is deliberately misleading in many other respects. So is Right Now! a fascist entryist group or a journal to get the Tories thinking on more than economic lines? Because of the poor research of the articles that I had previously relied on I'm starting to come to the latter opinion. Does anyone out there know? And why do they have links with American Renaissance on their links page?


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