Thursday, February 08, 2001

While looking around for more Simon Jenkin's articles, I found the paper by Mark Littman that caused such a stir when strongly arguing that the Kosovo war was illegal under international law. Worth bookmarking, as you'll never know when it will come in useful.

More Jenkins pieces

I know I'm sad, but I've got more Simon Jenkins pieces on foreign policy. It is such a shame that his pieces aren't properly accessed on the web. The first two were posted by myself on to Free Republic so that we don't lose them:

The new order that splits the world
Bombs that turn our leaders into butchers

The rest I just found on the web:

At last a US President who won't meddle
The Arms Trade (A little more intervening than usual - but makes good points on government subsidy of the trade)
Murder of British tourists and Iraqis
Cook's white mischief over Zimbabwe
Kosovo: too many cooks
Twixt bomb and bodybag
This is Serb business - and it's still unfinished
Oh What A Silly War (an idiots guide to the proposed 'dust up' in Kosovo)
We must, regrettably, ready ourselves for the third Kosovan war
A threat too late
Clinton's billions keep a drugs war alive
Not war but vandalism
A Devil of a month
A faraway island
Will they never learn?
Bloody liberals
Robin Cook's wasteland
Britain's secret wars
Weep for poor Orisa

It must be stressed that I do not endorse all the web sites I'm linking to, but as they are fully reproducing his articles I see no harm in "deep linking" to them.

Jenkins on American Politics

Although this is nothing to do with British foreign policy, American readers may appreciate a couple of Jenkins articles on American Politics, one on Clinton and one on Bush.


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