Sunday, February 20, 2005
Get out of the way

Denis Boyles in the National Review has some advice for the European Union (Denis: hint: EU, not European):

1. Get a job
2. Clean up your mess
3. Don't take bribes
4. Get out of the way if you are unwilling to defend yourselves
5. Eco-hypocrisy (Kyoto +REACH = Deindustrialisation and even more unemployment, see 1. above)
6. Start a "No European Left Behind' Programme (Would prefer that they were all left behind myself)
7. Jacques, Gerhard, get a better campaign issue (why our economies are on the slide, not anti-Americanism)

A mixed bag, but we should take his advice on how to deal with the monster:

So there’s your seven-phrase speech, and good luck on that “fence-mending” mission of yours, SeƱor President. However, as a man who keeps a blind donkey in a pretty small pasture, I want to make a little suggestion: If you’re going to mend a fence, go for the barbed stuff, minimum two strand 12.5ga galvanized — which, as you know, is just enough to cut the bull.


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