Monday, February 07, 2005
Bowman's Holiday

The Bowman radio system has finally been introduced into active service after delays and additional funding. In this, it has followed the usual path of procurement projects applied by the MOD. New Labour was quick to 'reform' the process with 'smart procurement' although the results of the shining heat of New Labour spin appear worse than the old boy public service incompetence of their predecessors.

Last night a senior Army source said: "This is basically the new showpiece bit of kit for the British Army - and it is a disaster. It is eight years late in being introduced, has cost the British taxpayer millions in extra funding and now, if not used properly, presents a safety hazard to tens of thousands of British soldiers.

"Not being able to use the radios at full power will limit their range and standing two metres away while a system is switched on is just not practicable in a war situation.

"Last year our forces in Iraq were being hit by ambushes regularly in Al Amarah and Basra. They should not have to worry about whether their radios are giving them radiation poisoning."

Now our boys are glow-in-the-dark targets.


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