Wednesday, December 15, 2004

More on Kievan Rus

Two apologies are in order. Firstly sorry for the sparse posting, secondly sorry for going on about Ukraine when even the press seems to realise its strategic import (we're really here for when they don't) and thirdly sorry for bringing in American sources. OK, that was three apologies. And here are some more essays. Firstly from Chronicles where it reports on a spat between Andrew Sullivan and Pat Buchanan on the Ukraine thing. Why are the liberals getting so upset about any aspertions on this Yushchenko chap? Honestly they sound like six day creationists when challenged. There are also a couple of links in the article. Cheerful Pat also has a nice little article on the neo-cons if you are interested in what the Yanks are doing.

Exhibit B is also from Chronicles, also with a British ex-pat, this time Srdja Trifkovic asking why exactly are we undermining a bulwark against radical Islam. We could have said the same thing about Saddam of course, but Putin doesn't even have a moustache.

And finally me old china Justin Raimondo claims that Yuschenko wasn't really poisoned, or something. Now I'm not sure, but it is certainly an alternative view.


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