Saturday, December 25, 2004
Just a small article on those who feel that the present should not warp the past. Does political correctness encompass calendrical correction? Don't forget that Sir Isaac Newton, the greatest Dead White English Male, was born on December 25th, 1642.

Sir Isaac Newton was born Christmas Day 1642, yet some sites want to place his birthday in January, 1643. The discrepancy comes from some historical sites that want to 'modernize' Sir Isaac's birthday in line with the Gregorian Calendar reform. In 1752 England and the American colonies decided to adopt the Gregorian calendar (implemented by Italy in 1582.) This reform aligned the English calendar to the same calendar used by most of Europe. For this alignment to occur, several days needed to be dropped from the calendar. It must be understood that Sir Isaac Newton did not live through this calendar change. It happened after he died. As far as he was concerned, Isaac celebrated his birthday on Christmas Day. In this instance, we feel it is wrong to modernize his birthday.

A Merry Newtonmas to All!


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