Thursday, December 16, 2004
The government announced the closure of 153 sovereign posts as a cost savings measure. Many were located in Europe but other posts were situated in the Pacific, Caribbean, Africa and East Timor. If a British citizen, a rapid response diplomatic unit will be on hand to provide advice at short notice. "Pray?" perhaps...

There is speculation that these cost-cutting measures have taken place so that the government can pay for the European Presidency: sacrificing the long-term diplomatic infrastructure so that Blair and Straw can look good before their peers: the European Politburo. However, new posts will be created to focus upon the pet projects of the Nulab apparatchiks: climate change and international development:

"In Africa, for instance, we plan to create new jobs to cover these issues across the region, with a new post in Nairobi to help support our work on climate change, one in Nigeria to cover energy and one in Pretoria to cover regional issues more generally as well as covering Maseru [Lesotho] and Mbabane [Swaziland]," Mr Straw said. There has been speculation that the money would be needed to pay for Britain's six-month presidency of the G8 group of leading industrialised nations, which begins next month, and its EU presidency in the second half of next year.

One also wonders if these cuts have anticipated the common foreign and security policy or global warming. You won't need representation in Europe since the common arrest warrant provides justice for all Eurocits and the Pacific Islands will all be under water. Sorted!!!


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