Sunday, June 27, 2004
We Must Support...

That is usually the argument promoted by supporters of a particular action in foreign policy. The latest heresy is, as always, put forward by the Left that blends a stew of strategic need and moralistic reasoning.

Lord Andrew Phillips, a Liberal Democrat peer, embodies this reasoning with his arguments for supporting the current regime in Iran. A noticeable strain in his thinking is the reference to Europe's needs. As our political classes have become used to viewing the world from a 'European perspective', realism has been reintroduced and restructured by the needs of Europe.

With abundant oil and minerals plus a steady 6 per cent annual increase in GDP, Britain, the Germans, French and Italians have recognised Iran as a coming powerhouse. More than $4 billion of foreign investment has gone in this year.

Communication with countries like Iran may have contributed to the release of the British servicemen; or, not wishing to piss off the superpower on your doorstep may have had a role. Phillips writes a self-serving article designed to promote the stabilisation and reinforcement of the current regime in Iran.

The terrorist activities and nuclear brinkmanship of the fundamentalists are dismissed. Their calls for Israel's destruction are ignored. There is nothing alleged about this menace:

The Americans justify their stance by pointing to Iran's refusal to recognise Israel, its alleged support of Islamic militants and its human rights record. Then there is Iran's nuclear obstinacy and its potential troublemaking in Iraq, though by and large, and despite anxiety about Americans on their borders, the Iranians were unobstructive over the invasion.

The Iranians are a destabilising influence in the Middle-East, supporters of Al-Qaeda and Hamas, guilty of providing the money and arms that have killed innocent civilians in Germany, Argentina, Israel and the Lebanon. They will soon acquire nuclear weapons unless Israel or the United States takes the necessary steps to defends its borders and deconstructs their capabilities.

Since our troops are still located in south of Iraq for the foreseeable future, a nuclear armed Iran presents a clear and present danger, not a welcome advance. Replacement of this backward, fundamentalist regime by some form of secular and representative government would reduce the risks to our soldiers. Better for us and better for the Iranians.

Withdrawal would be a better scenario, but this outcome is unlikely to happen in the near future.

(23.04, 27th June 2004)


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