Wednesday, June 23, 2004
Ever Closer Union

The US website, Foreign Policy in Focus, tends to favour articles that diminish democratic accountability and promote international bureaucracy and regulation. It is not a website that is designed to stand out from the crowd.

A recent(ish) article on the Special Relationship recounts the one-sided nature of the relationship and provides some biased historical perspective on our submission to the US. Nothing untoward or unsurprising there. Of note was one little noted development of the 'war on terror': Britain cleaving to the policy of the United States in the Middle East and surrendering its carefully constructed influence in the region:

Until recently, the two sides also agreed to differ on the Middle East. Britain, even under Margaret Thatcher, regularly voted for resolutions at the UN that the United States vetoed. However, under Blair's second term, even that difference has been half-resolved. More out of loyalty to the United States than to Israel, Britain now regularly abstains rather than defy Washington on such issues. Apart from any ethical dimensions such as Palestinian rights, this recent course of action is likely to erode Britain's close commercial relations in the Arab world that were so assiduously cultivated by Thatcher.

There is a space in foreign policy to criticise Blair for his pro-European deceit and his slavish support for the United States. When Britain does obtain manumission, it will be from both continents.

(23.09, 23rd June 2004)


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