Monday, June 14, 2004

How Howard could finish UKIP

Interviewer: So Mr Howard does the Conservative Party definitively rule out withdrawal?

Howard: Let me make this entirely clear, the Conservative Party is committed to continued membership of the European Union. We believe that it is best for our trade and investment. However, we will be tough with the European Union to ensure that it is still in Britain's interest to remain a member.

Although we would avoid withdrawal only an utterly irresponsible Prime Minister would ever rule it out no matter what deal they offer us. Parliament will always have the power to withdraw from the EU. Europe needs us more than we need them, after all they run a massive permanent trade surplus with us - does anyone think that they are stupid enough to put so many of their workers on the dole queue?

So while I reject withdrawal as an aim in itself, I think that the price is far too high, it may be a means.

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