Tuesday, June 22, 2004

And what about the IRA?

There are still some people out there, bless 'em, who think that the American government gives a rat's a*se for Britain's interests.

Of course they don't, nor in any rational world should they. (Yes, neither should we, but that's what this blog is all about). However this Speccie article is instructive.

Essentially it rails about how Blair has, again, assumed the position for the Yanks - this time on extradition. The Yanks need produce far less evidence for us to extradite than we need for them. This is even true in the case of British subjects!

One thing I'm not at all sure of is this fact:

"the US has never extradited to Britain for trial any alleged IRA member"

I vaguely remember George I trying this. Did he succeed?


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