Friday, September 20, 2002
A Political Party that actively supports the national interest

A new political party was launched yesterday supporting an English Parliament, although it has been around since 1999. The English Democrats are rather disappointing, with their statist and sub-Blairite approach to public services ("The money we save on the Barnett Formula will be used to enhance your education and health").

However on foreign policy, they are more solid...

We seek a global system consisting of independent nation-states, each with its own identity, character, and culture. Each state should be free to trade in a way that suits its needs and customs.
We favour special co-operation and links with those states, wherever they may be, which uphold the principles of national self-determination and fair trade. Overseas aid should be provided in furtherance of these ideals and in accordance with the needs of English national interests.
Our history as a maritime trading power has provided us with a unique web of relationships, of which we should make use. We are in a position where we need not be ruled by either Brussels or Washington. We need the self-confidence and will to forge a truly independent foreign policy.

Pity they are not arguing this from inside the Tory party rather than their post-Thatcherite splinters.


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