Thursday, September 12, 2002

As if the national interest mattered

Iain Murray points to an interesting venture from the American magazine The National Interest, which is still interesting despite departing from the rather raw realism of its early days with Owen Harries. The venture is a weekly online edition called In The National Interest and although it makes the routine genuflections to the realism of its former days, it can really only be noted down as a right of center journal that specialises in foreign affairs. Certainly a good thing, and to be encouraged - but kids this is not the real thing - after all the top item is an interview with the terribly unrealistic Richard Perle while the editor Adam Garfinkle (who merely risks a "tilt toward the realist side") argues that Realists and Neo-conservatives are really just Republicans who have different temperaments towards foreign policy. How this would

It certainly will be watched with interest.


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