Thursday, September 19, 2002

The Anglosphere in a nutshell

Forget the Anglosphere Primer, this bit from Jim Bennet is what the Anglosphere cult is all about:

However, he [Anatol Lieven] is right when he says that sentimental invocations will not maintain the US-British alliance indefinitely. There really do need to be structural mechanisms particular to the Anglosphere to maintain a strong alliance. If we could imagine a formal, aboveground UKUSA structure with a consultative council that would have met already on Iraq and come up with a UKUSA position, it would both have been pretty close to what the US wants and needs, and soemthing that would be a visible demonstration of the UK's position as somehting other than a poodle to the US. It should also have produced some quid pro quos on issues like cooperation against the IRA and against Spanish claims on Gibraltar.

So British foreign policy positions should always and everywhere be made in conjunction with America? Well it makes sense, we will trade (or even pool) sovereignty in exchange for influence. There's another international institution that offers this deal to Britain already, and I can't quite think what it is. Something in Brussels perhaps?


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