Friday, August 01, 2003

Welcome to Kellyland

Austin Mitchell has a new web log in which he gives a soft-left view of the Kelly-Gate affair. Mitchell is the sort of MP who says what other Labour MPs are thinking, if they do think (so this doesn't include New Labour MPs):

Tony over-egged the Iraq pudding. As the Great Explainer he always does, but he means it, how he means it, at the time. Barristers always start from the conclusion (my client, George Bush, is a great guy) and work backwards to the evidence to support it.

Alistair then did the boss`s bidding brilliantly. The launch in 45 minutes claim (which we should have said was a misprint for `years`) was there when the “Dossier” reached him on 10 September 2002. But Alistair had chaired the Joint Intelligence Committee meeting on 9 September. When the `sexing up` accusation floated to the surface, Alistair launched the usual diversionary attack on the BBC.

And it goes on.

His view of Hutton is quite close to that of our own Philip Chaston.

Thanks to Samizdata for spotting this and to Slugger O'Toole for mentioning Philip's post.


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