Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Demography is Destiny

Stuart Reid runs through the paces on the importance of demography, and why we're stuffed. Much like Pat Buchanan's Death of the West, but British and article sized.

"For like the Cheshire Cat, the people of the West have begun to fade away."

This is going to have a massive impact in our lifetimes. Obviously there is the question as to whether we will need immigration or not, but more to the point for this web log will the West be able to maintain it's position on the top of the global tree? Russian Siberia is collapsing, and oriental hordes are massing to take it back into Asia. Meanwhile to the south we have lots and lots of young Arabs being born and employers over here complaining about the inability to find decent (read cheap) staff. Of course we also have America which is going through an immigration-led population boom, but at the end of this will be in many ways a different country. Will an hispanic President really be as interested in the Old World as the WASPs, Micks and Ashkenazi Jews who dominate American public discourse at the moment? And if he is, will he still take the same sides? We'lll surely see.

It's being so cheerful wot keeps me going.


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