Wednesday, September 08, 2004
No War Blog

A few interesting views and alternative takes on the situation in Iraq. Although the bye-line states Left-Right, there does not appear to be a strand of conservative thinking within the ranks. Most of the links betray the bias. Some of the commentators also overplay their hand, building up feasts from thin gruel.

The key question (as i have been saying for some time now) is whether his statement were actually correct. And the answer is that they were not. Therefore, by Parliamentary precedent he should and must resign because he misled Parliament and the country, and many thousands of people who would almost certainly be alive today are now dead, and it is, essentially, his and Bush's fault. To restore faith in Parliamentary democracy, he must resign or face impeachment.

On this point, the arguments that Blair misled Parliament have departed from the political scene. Nobody's listening and the debate is fossilising into an A level question.

(22.52, 8th September 2004)


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