Wednesday, May 19, 2004
Zimwatch: Slow Decline

The MDC continues to lose ground in its strongholds, such as Matabeleland, to the intimidation and bribery of ZANU-PF. The latest by-election was lost on Sunday with familiar allegations:

The opposition claimed during the two-day weekend by-election that half of the 60 polling stations were manned by village headmen loyal to the ruling party. Those claims have not been independently verified.

Village headmen in Lupane, who are responsible for identifying beneficiaries of relief food in rural areas, were taking down names of voters, the party claimed.

The general elections are due within the year, and the ruling party is short of the three votes necessary to change the Constitution by a two-thirds majority within their Parliament.

Stagnation and starvation will continue to dog Zimbabwe as the opposition do have the power to overturn the kleptocracy. Just more of the same. As North Korea demonstrates, semi-industrial states take a long time to fall.

(23.02, 19th May 2004)


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