Sunday, May 02, 2004
EU Referendum Weblog

A new weblog, providing an orthodox Eurosceptic viewpoint, has been established recently and advertised on Samizdata and, no doubt, other websites. One of the principal contributors is Helen Szamuely.

Whilst still feeling its way, the weblog has started through links to relevant articles and reproducing some of these on its website. The writing is, as yet, more comment than analysis, though the writers will be hoping that the website will facilitate their byline: "To discuss issues arising in relation to the UK referendum on the constitutional treaty".

The weblog is worth reading, as it provides sources for a number of articles and stories. However, on the links front, Google News is not the blogosphere, and they are losing half the potential impact of their endeavour.

(16.11, 2nd May 2004)


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