Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The Mother of all Stings?

I've been following this for almost a week and refrained posting until now, as I did not want to post on something sensational like this until the story proved had legs.

Well, here's the beef. the American invasion of Iraq has started a chain of events that sooner or later will lead to a Shia theocracy. Fact. Anerica's former blue eyed Iraqi boy Ahmed Chalabi and his Iraq National Congress fed the Americans a load of utter rubbish that scared America into going to war. Fact. These two facts are connected. Still a theory.

You see Chalabi (a Shia, Fact, and a convicted fraudster, also Fact) is suspected of passing intelligence to the Iranians, Fact (Iran is a Shia theocracy, Fact). The supposition is that Chalabi's suspected co-operation with the Iranians extended back in time before the invasion as well as after it.

But how stupid is that theory? All Chalabi was doing was scaring the American regime with false information about the Iraqi threat leading to an invasion. What possible attraction could an invasion that would lead to a next-door theocracy have for Iran?

More on this from Steve Sailer and these barely selected sources:


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