Sunday, November 02, 2003
Does Gibraltar really want to be part of the EU?

A recent press release from the European Commission (via EUObserver) stated that no impediment could be found to the UK including Gibraltar within an 'England and wales' constituency for purposes of allowing their citizens to vote in European elections. The Commission was responding to a complaint from the Spanish who alleged, with a touch of xenophobia, that Britain was allowing non-EU citizens to vote.

The Commission, on the grounds of "sensitivity", was unwilling to back Britain. Although the Spanish complaint was dismissed, the Commission was unwilling to say so and called on both parties to find an "amicable solution" (read: give Gibraltar back to Spain; after all, the people of the Rock are just a nuisance).

This spells bad news for the inhabitants of Gibraltar. Were they ever given a vote in the referenda of 1973 and 1975? If not, they have been brought into the EU by default and without a vote. They should have one, if this is the case.

(2nd November 2003, 20.15)


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