Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Snow White and the Seven Asylum Seekers has been banned. This topical pantomime was considered 'racist' and therefore out of tune in multicultural Britain. The Village Council took the advice of local soviets, oops sorry, racial equality committees, who pronounced that the production was racist and that satire was no longer an accepted form of humour.

Tim Horner, chairman of the village hall committee, said they decided on the ban after taking advice from racial equality councils when the writer and producer of the panto, Bob Harrod, refused to alter the show three weeks ago.

Mr Harrod, 55, branded the decision ``a load of old rubbish''. He added: ``The script is not at all racist, we just take the mickey out of people.''

The panto is not noted for its quality as the list of Alis demonstrates: Chemical Ali, Comical Ali, Back Ali, Dark Ali, Bowling Ali, Ali G, and Ali-Kiss-Angel. No doubt it maligned Africans, Irish, Jews, Gays, Iraqis, comedians and cricketers.

(4th November 2003, 23.15)


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