Monday, October 27, 2003
Referendum for Scotland

The SNP have called for a referendum in Scotland on the European Constitution. They would campaign in support of the draft except for the right to veto EU control over fishing to protect Scottish waters. After the mess of the common fisheries policy, I can't blame them and it's a step in the right direction.

If the nationalists consider that a Eurosceptic tinge might garner votes, this might prove interesting in the devolved assemblies. Labour's response was Arrogant, Righteous, Slanderous and in Error:

A Labour Party spokeswoman said the SNP move was another example of the Nationalists’ obsession with constitutional matters.

She added: "It seems to be part of a pattern of the SNP becoming more Eurosceptic and it perhaps has more to do with them trying to shore up their vote from the right."

Might be one approach - non binding referenda in the regions, whether funded by devolved assemblies or on a private basis. Souter's approach on Clause 28 was one example of this.

(27th October 2003, 20.24)


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