Thursday, October 02, 2003

Neither for nor against

America is a declining hegemon, and I don't believe it is in our national interest to be involved for or against her (on individual issues resulting from her long decline we may have to take stands, it's just the matter of strategy that we should worry about). We should not be her inseperable ally because she's declining and we should not be her sworn enemy because she is still a hegemon.

Most of my barbs are aimed at Blair and most points right who say that we should stand shoulder to shoulder with the declension, because they are so popular. So let me show no favour the other way by warmly commending this work "Engagement" with the axis of evil a.k.a. the European common foreign policy by Helen Szamuely of the Bruges Group, rather pro-American but right in the presumption that always being agin America is if anything even worse than always being for the old belle.

Is she by any chance related to George Szamuely, the expatriot Brit (of Hungarian origin) who wrote for


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