Friday, October 24, 2003
The problem with obtaining leaked documents is that you cannot assess their full impact upon the policy of a particular country or institution. The Telegraph produced a memorandum from the German Army setting out the structure of a proposed European Army, accountable to a European government, financed by subventions from the European Parliament and integrating the existing nuclear capabilities of existing EU Member States. The problem with such cloud castles is that they never detail how we would get from here to there.

The document is of some concern and provides yet more evidence of the integrationist ambitions amongst the defence staffs of Germany and the other chocolate starfish. Even Blair or New Labour are unwilling to cross that red line at the moment.

What the events of the last two weeks demonstrate is that Blair is unable to function within the world of diplomacy. His injudicious recognition of Franco-German defence ambitions in Berlin did not produce a softening of their opposition to Iraq; it only strengthened their determination to create an independent European defence force, knowing that Blair would provide support as part of his wider campaign to maintain an 'intergovernmental constitution'.


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