Monday, May 12, 2003

So you want to do something about Europe?

The present fight on Europe is hotting up, and there will be a referendum if the government believes that they can replace the present Tory leadership with someone who if not pro-Euro (Ken Clarke) is at least more pliable on the subject (Portillo, or indeed virtually anyone). So keeping IDS in place, whatever we think of his baldness/luck/posh accent should be the priority of any Eurosceptic - as his replacement is a priority for Europhiles.

So have any of my dear readers received the e-mail from Crispin Blunt sent to every other Tory activist but me. Did you get it without sending him an e-mail, or after sending him a disagreeable e-mail? If so it will be possible to report him under the Data Protection Act for "unlawful obtaining of personal data" and a summary conviction. At the very least he can be reported for an ethical breach to the disciplinary sub committee of the Board of the Conservative Party (what good that will do). If you have received an e-mail from him and it could have been unsolicited then please e-mail me on

A small coterie of Conservatives like Crispin Blunt (unfortunately other pro-Euro tories don't have easy to spot names like Philby or Maclean) are selling our birth right, we should not take it lying down.


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