Thursday, May 01, 2003

So what's the problem

Crispin Blunt has resigned the Tory front bench and thrown down the gauntlet for a leadership challenge. Tory Central Office came up with this strange quote:

Crispin Blunt's resignation is no surprise. He has been at odds with the party leadership for some time, notably over foreign policy.

Foreign Policy? Does that mean Europe or America. The Blunt statement (sorry) says nothing on foreign policy, or indeed anything political.

Supposedly this is the prelude to a stalking horse challenge by Tim Yeo, who although more pro-Europe than IDS is not a raving Europhile. He is sceptical about the war.

One former IDS backer was talking to me about Michael Howard last week. My favourite is William Hague in a year, although his pro-Americanism should make a little Englander like me blanche.

Any way let's see what happens.


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