Wednesday, October 13, 2004
FoxNews Watch

We are often warned of the uncritical and unstinting loyalties that Atlanticists in the United Kingdom profess for the United States. This is often directed at those steeped in Churchillian discourse. Of less significance, though interesting in a minor key, is the admiration that Americans can express for their loyal eyes, the latest incarnation being Blair. This forms the framework of a hagiographical article towards Blair, where all political developments in the United Kingdom are viewed through this single prism.

After a quick overview of the facts, including a quick reference to inquiries that vindicate the Prime Minister, the writer takes a quick stab at Howard:

Blair accused Howard of "playing politics" over Iraq. Howard supported the war, and his subsequent attacks have opened him to charges of "flip flopping" on the issue, like Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry.

This is followed by a general description of how Blair has triumphed over his opponents in order to focus on domestic issues, "schools and hospitals". The last few paragraphs quote an admiring academic, William Jones, and predict a third election victory.

This is firm evidence of Americans unable to look beyond their own shores when a conservative leaning website bows before the temple of socialism. Two examples will suffice. Members of Parliament are referred to as 'lawmakers', perhaps as a joke, since most of their laws are diktats from Brussels. And when Labour MPs refer to the flag, isn't it invariably red?

"People are rallying around the flag and everybody knows they are coming into the foothills of an election campaign," Labour lawmaker Donald Anderson, chairman of Parliament's influential Foreign Affairs Select Committee, told The Associated Press.

(22.53, 13th October 2004)


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