Monday, February 02, 2004
Self-Determination in a European Context

How democratic is the proposed European Constitution? Does it allow existing colonies to seek independence within a European context?

According to Spain, no. Ana Palacio may be indulging in pre-electoral rhetoric but Spain has concluded that there is a greater possibility of reintegrating Gibraltar if the European Constitution is passed since British sovereignty could be overridden by European institutions.

Ms. Palacio told reporters that although it did not mean that the bilateral (Brussels Agreement) talks are being rejected “the picture of the day is one framed by the European Constitution, which is our reference point without losing sight of the bilateral negotiations.”

She went on to say that in any negotiations there are phases which do not go in a straight line but in more of a helix form. “Some phases are more visible and as these are refined one must take the necessary time and perspective.”

Does this mean that Spain will sign up to the European Constitution if, as part of the necessary concessions, Gibraltar is ceded without the inhabitants having a say?

(23.15, 2nd February, 2004)


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