Thursday, August 01, 2002


It seems that if you are sceptical about anything this coming war with the Arab world they can say what they like about you. Now I've been called a lefty by many of the Anglosphere types who are less aware of the history of conservatism, but now I'm being called a lefty by left wingers. Go and see for yourself.

It seems that some chap known as Brian Linse has decided to open a site that "is open to any lefties who post regularly and maintain interesting sites." And he included li'l ole me.

Now I do post regularly and I hope my site is interesting, but being of the left? Please.

I suppose being for hanging, hunting and gold (standard) is not enough for some people. Just because too many Conservatives can't think straight on foreign policy, does not mean that I'm not a Conservative. It's their credentials that need examining.


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