Wednesday, July 03, 2002
>Will Rik Mayall be arrested?

The European Commission has condemned the latest advert for the No to the Euro campaign as "in appalling bad taste and beneath contempt. To suggest this is simply just a laugh is insulting and panders to basic xenophobic instincts".

First of all, the Commission should not be commenting on the internal affairs of a member country in such a partisan manner. It shows how emboldened they are becoming in their need to insinuate themselves into our political debates. Secondly, their use of the word, xenophobia, as a blanket condemnation of those who do not subscribe to their agenda and to slur possible dissidents who could be charged when the new Eurowarrant is brought into existence.

Jasper Carrott's vision of the Europolice banning all unapproved Euro jokes is coming true!!!!


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