Wednesday, July 24, 2002

The Post Suez Cringe

Tony Blair has said that if Europe wishes to become a superpower then she should start to be nice to the Americans.

Firstly let's get rid of this idea that Europe is somehow on the path of superpower status. With the exception of the UK, France and possibly Spain the armies are either small (Holland), amateur (Germany) or both. Even if you put them together they would be far too concerned about whether they reach the correct quota of Greek speaking one-armed Lesbians that there would be no real time for fighting.

And as far as being an up and coming power, forget it. Every previous world power has had a long gestation of economic dynamism. Now some parts of Europe did manage this for a couple of decades after the Cold War, but that soon died away. An up and coming power needs a rate of growth somewhere near, let's see, China's.

However, let's indulge the fantasy that Europe will be a superpower in the near future. Will it then be possible to be nice to America? Of course we'll be treading on each others' toes as young and dynamic Europe (stop sniggering) takes over from the aged superpower.

Blair's "analysis" says more about the post-Suez cringe of the British ruling class than about anything in the real world.


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