Thursday, March 08, 2001
I'm Back

Sorry for the unexplained absence. Dock my pay, if you dare. Any way, an excellent site, which I believe is linked to UKIP, is the EU Observer. It is basically the equivalent of for the European Union.

And the Times has quite a good piece on the way in which Japanese businessmen are head over heels for the Euro.

What is a paleo?

On a last word here is a Sam Francis piece which argues that free markets are the enemy to conservatism. Interestingly he uses apartheid as an illustration of a system that fell apart under attack under capitalism. I'd say good.

Apartheid was not conservative, it undermined black communities and even constitutional guarantees - and it's social engineering was of the craziest kind, trying to put chiefs above family, church and work mates. Sam Francis may be right in that worship of big business is a dead end for the right, but apartheid is hardly a conservative model. And quite apart from that it was grotesque.


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