Saturday, March 17, 2001
Happy St Patrick's Day all those Irish people who are not stuck on the farm because of foot and mouth. And to all those Americans who've been stuck in the US for six generations.

Some on-line offerrings. First from the usually enjoyable with a bit of anti-Protestant bigotry from David Dietman. The gist is that America should not deal with Ian Paisley because he's anti-Catholic (well, I thought that part of the point of Calvinism was a certain animosity towards the theological claims of the
"church of Rome") while NORAID, those fundraisers for the IRA, are not infected with any anti-Protestant bigotry. In fact they are a reputable source of information to Mr Dietman. Murder is far less a sin than dislike of the Pope.

The ideas that Protestants are in a majority in Northern Ireland or that they were born there means nothing. United Ireland good, United States bad. Oh well at least LRC is not blighted by that hobgoblin of little minds

The National Review Online fares somewhat better, for once. This weekend it largely focusses on St. Patrick's Day, with a bit of an irritating interview with Mary Kenny, a typically contrary view of St. Patrick's day from their Dublin correspondant David Quinn, a roundup of films about Ireland and a sensible piece on American strategic interests in Ulster.

Looks like came out worse this time.


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