Tuesday, June 14, 2005
Public Holiday

Today is a public holiday in the Falklands islands, celebrating their liberation from Argentinian invaders in 1982. What a pity Thatcher didn't move the second bank holiday to this date from May, daring Labour to appease their tranzi wing!

Here is an article about the military infrastructure on the islands that allows the armed forces to fly in new forces if the territory is threatened:

The Royal Navy operates out of the East Cove Military Port, six miles from the airport, home of the Falklands Islands Patrol Vessel (FIPV). At the moment HMS Dumbarton Castle performs this duty. Her primary aim is to act as a visible deterrent by actively patrolling the Falkland Islands and surrounding waters, as well as being available for immediate tasking as required by CBFSAI. The Ship is multi-role, capable of performing maritime interdiction operations and radar support as well as being able to operate helicopters up to Sea King size.

The naval force is supplemented by a destroyer and, occasionally, by a nuclear attack submarine. The Queen's Lancashire Regiment patrols the islands and No. 1435 flight provides air support. Further troop and air reinforcements can be flown at short notice although the issue of overstretch poses a question mark on this structure. The current commitments of the armed forces could curtail these defensive requirements.


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